We Are About To Launch A New Product--BT-2 Wheel Dressing Machine
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We Are About To Launch A New Product--BT-2 Wheel Dressing Machine


Bt-2 wheel dressing machine adopts a simple principle. The principal bases on the fact that different materials consumes differently by the same speed rotation to achieve the dressing of the grinding wheel. The machine can perform simple and efficient dressing on the diamond wheel, CBN wheel and wheel pack composed of multiple wheels. It can dress plane, Angle, arc and shaped wheel and is easy to operate with high precision.

BT-2 wheel dressing machine Features

1. With precise linear slide rail, ball screw and linear scale, width dimension and its accuracy are adjusted and measured at any time during wheel dressing. 2. Both rotating spindles adopt high precision bearing, reaching the rotary accuracy, and stability. 3. The rotation speed left and right swing speed, swing distance and position of dressing wheel can be adjusted. 4. The speed of the grinding wheel is adjustable and its position is adjusted by the cross worktable. 5. The circular encoder is added to the manual spindle, which can make the adjustment of the Angle of the dressing wheel more conveniently and accurately. Display resolution is 0.05 °. 6. A CCD camera with the microscope has the magnification of 15 to 120 times. It can measure the radius, Angle and size of the wheel. 7. Bt-2 wheel dressing machine the CCD camera and linear scale provide a simple way to set and measure the width of the grinding wheel as well as the inspection of the wheel during or after dressing. The measurement accuracy can reach 0.005~0.01mm. bt 2 wheel dressing machine
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