The Technical Standard Of BT-80 CNC Tool Grinder
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The Technical Standard Of BT-80 CNC Tool Grinder


BT-80 CNC tool grinder shall comply with the requirements of this standard and manufactured in accordance with the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures. First, the BT-80 CNC tool grinder normal working environment conditions 1. Ambient air temperature: 5 ° C ~ 55 ° C. 2. Relative humidity of the environment: no more than 90%. 3. Environmental conditions: Air should not have pollutants exceeding the national environmental protection requirements. Second, the BT-80 CNC tool grinder appearance quality 1. The appearance of the product shall not have defects such as protrusions, depressions, roughness and other damages as specified in the drawings. 2. The edges of the exposed parts and exposed joints should neat and should not clearly misalign. 3. The color tone of the plated parts, bluing and blackening parts should the same, and the protective layer should not fall off. 4. After painting, the outer surface should be even and bright, and there should no defects such as spots, bubbles, wrinkles, and peeling. Third, the quality of the pipeline 1. The bending of the pipe of the lubrication and cooling pipeline should smooth and smooth. And there should no obvious dents, discounts and flattening. 2. Lubrication, cooling pipelines should arrange neatly, pipe clamps are fixed and reliable. Should not hinder adjustment, repair, and replacement of components. Fourth, lubrication and cooling system quality requirements 1. The lift of the cooling pump should greater than 5m and the outlet pressure should greater than 0.05MPa. 2. The assembled cooling system should able to withstand the water pressure of the pipeline with a maximum working pressure of 0.1 MPa and ahead of 150%. The test shall be carried out for 5 minutes. After the test, there shall be no water droplets or water mist on the test components and welds. Residual deformation. 3. High-quality BT-80 CNC flute grinder Lubrication and cooling system should free of oil leakage and water leakage. Five, grinding quality requirements 1. BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine the straightness of the knife plane after grinding should no more than 0.05mm. 2. The surface roughness Ra of the knife plane after grinding by the tool grinder should be no more than 1.6ūm. 3. CNC tool and cutter grinder. The sharpened edge of the knife is sharp, without deflection and distortion. Sixth, grinding length The BT-80 CNC diamond tool grinder should able to effectively grind the longest length of the blade specified in this model and grind all four corners of the blade plane. Seven, electrical control system 1. The layout of electrical components and control parts (such as switches) should reasonable and the installation should firm. 2. The electrical circuit cable should neat, the connector should firm, and the pipe clamp should be fixed reliably. All terminals should be clearly marked. 3. The action of the electrical control components should sensitive and reliable. Eight, power adaptability under normal conditions, the AC voltage is 380 (1 ± 10%) V and the frequency is 50 Hz ± 1 Hz. Nine, insulation resistance The insulation resistance of the BT-80 CNC tool grinder should be greater than 2MΩ. Ten, dielectric strength The metal casing and power cord of the BT-80 CNC tool and cutter grinder shall withstand the withstand voltage test of AC 50Hz, 2000V for 1min without breakdown or arcing. XI, bearing temperature rise High-quality BT-80 CNC flute grinder the temperature rise of the bearings workers should not exceed 60 °C during normal operation. Twelve, air operation requirements 1. All the fasteners are fastened and loose. 2. The grinding length of the tool grinder should easily adjust with the change of product specifications, and the locking is reliable. 3. The sharpening angle of the CNC tool grinder should easily adjust as needed (except for the fixed tool holder). 4. When the machine is moving, the departments are coordinated and there should no abnormal sound. 5. The grinding machine should reliable for the lubrication of moving parts and working parts: the lubrication system should have no oil leakage. 6. Each control switch should meet the requirements of the functional regulations. Thirteen, noise The noise of the equipment operating under normal operating conditions shall not exceed 80d B(A). 1. Flute grinder's operating danger zone must be equipped with safety guards, or eye-catching illustrations and color markings. 2. The grounding of the 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine should be firm and reliable. The resistance should be less than 0.4Ω.
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