The Cutting Technology Of PCD Tool Composite Sheet
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The Cutting Technology Of PCD Tool Composite Sheet


PCD tool cutting technology can be divided into:

1. Processing technology;
2. Welding process;
3. Edge grinding technology.
Because the hardness and wear resistance of the PCD tool composite is very high, so only the use of the special process to produce a high-quality PCD tool.

At present, the machining of PCD tool composite is often used in EDM cutting, ultrasonic machining, high-pressure water jet, laser machining, and other four most common technology methods.
So, how to compare the cutting process of PCD tool composite?
1.EDM process is a highly concentrated pulse discharge energy and strong discharge explosive force, to make PCD tool material metal melt, and some diamond will be graphitization and oxidation, another part of the diamond off, this process is high efficiency, and the quality of the product will also have a qualitative improvement.
2. Ultrasonic processing technology, the processing efficiency of this process is relatively low, and the consumption of diamond powder is great, dust pollution is also very serious, and the quality of the product if there is a little error, basically this product is not qualified.
3. Laser processing technology is a kind of non-contact processing technology, the efficiency of this processing method is very high, after processing basically will not deform, but the only drawback is that the process performance is poor.
In these three kinds of processing technology relative comparison, the effect of EDM technology is the best.
The existence of a bonding bridge in the PCD tool makes the EDM PCD composite sheet become a reality.
Under the existing conditions, the pulse voltage is used to form a discharge channel in the working liquid near the electrode metal, so as to produce a partial discharge spark, and finally achieve instantaneous high temperature to melt and fall off the polycrystalline diamond, and then produce the triangular, rectangular or square tool head blank. The efficiency of the EDM PCD tool composite is affected by cutting speed, PCD particle size, layer thickness and electrode quality, among which the cutting speed is the most important.

Demina tool grinder can grind PCD tool composite sheets with high efficiency.

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