The Correct Operation Method Of PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine
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The Correct Operation Method Of PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine


Inspection work using PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1. Lubricate all parts of the machine before starting the grinding machine, check that the mechanical transmission is normal. The switch button is sensitive and reliable, and the grinding wheel is intact without damage. 2. Start the grinding wheel to the normal processing speed by jogging, and idle for five minutes. 3. Pay attention when installing the grinding wheel 1) Check the appearance of the grinding wheel before installation, tap the grinding wheel to hear the crisp sound. And ensure that the grinding wheel is intact and not damaged. 2) The flange clamp wheel should be covered with an asbestos pad. After clamping, the balance will be balanced for the first time. After the machine is trimmed, it will balance again. The new wheel needs to be idle for five minutes. 4. Reasonable selection of grinding amount is prohibited. Overload grinding is strictly prohibited. 5. before grinding, check whether the workpiece is sucked or clamped firmly. When clamping high workpieces and workpieces with the small bottom area, use the block to hold or special clamps to prevent it from happening malfunction. 6. When the machine is turned on, the front position of the grinding wheel is not allowed to stand. Preventing the grinding wheel from breaking out or flying the workpiece. 7. At the end of the work, the machine tool is wiped clean, the power is cut off. The parts are neatly placed, and the worksite is kept clean. 8. Find the fault and cooperate with the maintenance personnel for maintenance. If an accident occurs, keep the scene and report it immediately.

Correct operation method OF PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1. After turning on the machine, let it idle for 3-5 minutes. And then check if the working conditions of each system are normal. 2. Determine the specifications of the fixtures to use according to the workpiece to the machine. And adjust the tightness of the fixture to make it easy to clamp and secure. 3. Adjust PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine: According to the length of the workpiece shape, adjust the appropriate tailstock position. Press the tailstock, retract the grinding wheel a certain distance, install the workpiece. Open the spindle, and rotate the workpiece. Check: Whether the rotation condition is normal, whether the fixture is in contact with the machine bolt. And stopping the spindle to check whether it is convenient and quick to remove the workpiece. 4. Trimming the grinding wheel: Trimming the grinding wheel forming surface according to the workpiece drawing (special attention: you must remember to retreat the grinding wheel before each repair. And return to the safety point that can separate from the diamond pen tip after entering the knife. Bring the grinding wheel closer to the tool holder, then slowly shake the dial to allow the wheel to slowly contact the diamond pen. And a small amount of feed trimming) 5. Toolset: Install the workpiece, adjust the position of the grinding wheel to align it with the position of the workpiece to the machine. To ensure safety, it is necessary to retreat the grinding wheel at a certain distance. Feed the knife and slowly touch the workpiece to perform the toolset. 6. Detection, processing vigilance! The cutting amount should not too large. Generally, the unilateral side should not exceed 10 wires. The cutting plate should retract every time the cutting process is performed. After the grinding wheel contacts the workpiece, the dial is slowly shaken to the processing designated position. Otherwise, it may be able to detonate the grinding wheel.

Daily maintenance OF PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1. Before the end of work, grind the worktable of the grinder and the surrounding garbage. And observe whether there is oil leakage or water leakage around the grinder; 2. Check the lubrication of the grinding machine guide rails every week. If it is too big or too small, adjust the indicator according to the oil quantity adjustment. Remove the grinding wheel flange to prevent the rust on the nose surface of the spindle and the conical surface inside the flange to prevent the time to long. The main shaft and the flange are rusted; 3. Clean the grinding machine cooling water tank every 15-20 days, replace the machine tool guide oil every 3-6 months. Clean the lubricating oil pool and the oil pump filter when replacing the guide rails, replace the hydraulic oil every 1 year. The fuels tank and filter cleaning; 4. If the grinding machine is idle for more than 2-3 days, the work surface should clean and dry with anti-rust oil to prevent the table surface from rusting.  
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