The Cause Of The Burn Of The Workpiece During The Grinding Of The High-Speed CBN Wheel
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The Cause Of The Burn Of The Workpiece During The Grinding Of The High-Speed CBN Wheel


What is the cause of the burn of the workpiece during the grinding of the high-speed CBN wheel?

1. The hardness of the CBN grinding wheel is too high or the grain size is too fine;

2. The speed of the grinding wheel is too high for the workpiece;

3. Insufficient cutting fluid supply, too much feed, and poor heat dissipation conditions;

4. The CBN grinding wheel is not dressed in time or the dressing quality is poor;

5. The excessive vibration swing of the grinding wheel may cause burns due to the constantly changing grinding depth of the workpiece;

6. The clamping of the grinding bow and arrow is not firm enough, and the workpiece stops when grinding;

7. The burn is too deep during rough grinding, and the fine grinding reserve is too small to wear off;

So how do we tell if a piece is burned? Quite simply, it can be checked out by regular pickling. When the surface of the workpiece is wet, we should quickly carry out a visual inspection under the fluorescent lamp. The normal workpiece without burn is a uniform dark gray.

If the crack is cracked, it is a grinding crack. If gray or dark spots, it is decarbonization. If the software point, if there is a cloud-like dark spot, and the boundary is indefinite, it is a soft point. If there are dark patches, continuous lines, or discontinuous lines on the surface of the workpiece along the grinding direction of the grinding wheel, it is considered as a burn.

When grinding the workpiece, if there is a burn, we must find out the reason in time, and take limited measures to solve, only in this way can grinding out the standard quality products.

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