The Breakthrough Point Of 2-Axis CBN Grinding Machine Technology
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The Breakthrough Point Of 2-Axis CBN Grinding Machine Technology


PCD tool grinder is the equipment used to manufacture and grind PCD, PCBN, and single crystal. Its feed shaft is equipped with a screw rod, which is safe and reliable to operate, does not let the knife, and has high grinding efficiency. It adopts a dual operating station design and is cost-effective. The pneumatic devices can perform fast forward and fast rewind to improve production efficiency. Flexible feed and constant-pressure grinding ensure the quality of the cutting edge. It can grind standard or non-standard turning inserts and milling inserts. Boring cutters, groove cutters, and many other types are also easy to grind angles and radii on this machine.

Features Of PCD Tool Grinder Machine

1. The mechanical structure of the machine tool: the machine bed (base) adopts high-quality integral castings, and the main part weighs 1.6 tons, which can meet the requirements of any superhard material grinding. The rotating shaft has high precision and strong rigidity, and the air brake device is adopted, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

2. 2-axis CBN grinding machine tool electric spindle: The grinding head adopts a high-precision frequency conversion speed electric spindle, power: 3.0 kilowatts, high speed up to 4000 rpm, using circulating water cooling. The spindle adopts high-precision long-life bearings, and the rotation accuracy of the grinding head spindle: end jump 0.002 mm, diameter jump 0.003 mm.

3. Manual feed mechanism: The machine tool adopts two methods of “rapid feed” and “precision feed”, which are used for rapid feed/retraction (0.5 mm/revolution) and works feed (3 mm/revolution) respectively. It not only improves the production efficiency but also ensures the feeding accuracy.

4. Grinding head swing: The electric swing controlled by intelligent components is stable and has no reverse vibration. The swing range can be adjusted at will between 0 and 30 mm so that the grinding wheel is consumed evenly and self-sharpening in time. The swing guide rail adopts the retainer of Schneeberg, Switzerland, which effectively guarantees the grinding accuracy and roughness.

The Breakthrough Point Of 2-Axis CBN Grinding Machine Technology

The 2-axis CBN grinding machine adopts the grinding software independently developed by Demina, which can set the cutting tool angle, arc size, and feed speed, and other grinding parameters. After aligning the tool center, set the basic parameters through the grinding software, and the machine tool can automatically grind high-precision tools. All the parameters of the machine tool are managed by the database system and called by the name of the processing program, which is convenient for the storage and search of the program. The software can display the tool image and the coordinates of the CNC axis and can generate a calibration line to display the center position of the rotation axis. At the same time, the CBN grinding machine software is responsible for the communication between the interface and the numerical control system. It can comprehensively generate numerical control codes (G codes) from the grinding wheel parameters, tool parameters, and processing parameters (such as feed, feed speed and dwell time, etc.) in the software interface. ), transferred to the CNC system, so that the machine tool automatically completes the grinding. The software has four cycles of middle-edge grinding, right-edge grinding, left-edge grinding, and all grinding for any combination. And can respond to all customer requirements, and minimize the time for grinding air. Beijing Demina is a carbide tool insert grinding machine manufacturer, if you need it, you can come to buy it.


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