The Application Notice Of Ceramic Superhard Grinding Wheel
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The Application Notice Of Ceramic Superhard Grinding Wheel


The application notice of ceramic superhard grinding wheel

A round consolidated abrasive with a hole in the middle made of abrasive and binder. The grinding wheel is a kind of grinding tool with the largest amount and the most widely used surface. It rotates at a high speed when used, and can be used for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, grooving, and cutting, etc.. On the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various types of metal or non-metallic workpiece. There are many kinds of grinding wheels. According to its shape, it can be divided into the flat grinding wheel, bevel grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, cup grinding wheel, disc grinding wheel, etc.. Because the grinding wheel usually works at a high speed, it should be carried out the rotary test (to ensure that the grinding wheel will not break at the highest working speed) and static balance test (to prevent machine vibration caused by work) before use. After working for a period of time, the grinding wheel should be dressed to restore grinding performance and correct geometry. The use of a grinding wheel is dangerous. For everyone's safety, the following are the precautions: The grinder is one of the most commonly used machines and equipment in a machinery factory. Whether it is reasonable to install, whether it meets the safety requirements. Is it used correctly and in accordance with safe operating procedures? These problems concern the personal safety of every worker directly because this must cause us to take seriously enough in actual use.

Matters needing attention during installation

Positioning problem: what position is installed in the grinder, is the first problem to be considered in the installation process. Only the selection of a reasonable and appropriate position, we can carry out other work. It is forbidden to install the grinder in the place directly facing the nearby equipment and operators or where there are often people passing by. Generally, the larger workshop should set up a special grinding wheel machine room. Balance problem: the imbalance of the grinding wheel is mainly caused by the inaccurate manufacturing and installation of the grinding wheel so that the center of gravity of the grinding wheel does not coincide with the rotating axis. The harm caused by unbalancing is mainly manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, when the grinding wheel rotates at a high speed, it causes vibration, which is easy to cause polygonal vibration marks on the workpiece surface. On the other hand, the imbalance accelerates the vibration of the spindle and the wear of the bearing. Therefore, the grinding wheel with great straightness greater than or equal to 200mm should be statically balanced first after being mounted on the chuck. And the grinding wheel should be statically balanced repeatedly after being shaped and trimmed or when unbalance is found in the work. Matching problem: According to the standard requirements, the diameter of the chuck of the grinding wheel shall not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the mounted grinding wheel, and it shall be replaced with a new grinding wheel when the diameter of the grinding wheel is 10mm larger than the diameter of the chuck. In this way, there is a matching problem between a chuck and a grinding wheel. Protection problem: the protective cover is the most important protective device of the grinder. Its function is: when the grinding wheel is damaged for some reason during work, it can cover the grinding wheel debris effectively and ensure the safety of personnel. The shape of the grinding wheel protective cover is circular and square, and the maximum opening Angle is not allowed to exceed 90°. The protective cover shall be made of steel with tensile strength not less than 415N/mm2. When replacing a new grinding wheel, the installation of the protective cover shall be firm and reliable, and the protective cover shall not be disassembled or discarded at will. Stop the silencing plate is one of the main protective accessories of the grinder, the opening of the shield above the horizontal plane of the spindle is greater than or equal to 30. Its main function is to block the flying silence in the grinding process, so as not to hurt the operator. It is installed at the front end of the opening of the protective cover, the width should be larger than the width of the grinding wheel protective cover, and it should be firmly fixed on the protective cover. Bracket problem: the bracket is one of the common accessories of grinding machines. According to the regulations, an adjustable bracket must be set for a grinding machine whose grinding wheel diameter is over 150mm. The distance between the grinding wheel and the bracket should be less than 1/2 of the smallest shape of the part to be polished, but the maximum should not exceed 3mm. Grounding problem the grinder USES power lines, so the enclosure of the equipment must have a good grounding protection device. This is also one of the important factors that cause accidents easily.

Matters needing attention in the process of use

Side grinding problem: regardless of the type of grinding wheel, freely grinding the side of the grinding wheel, which is a serious violation of the safety operation rules and regulations. According to the regulations, it is not suitable to use the side grinding for the grinding wheel with the peripheral surface as the working surface. The radial strength of this kind of grinding wheel is relatively large, while the axial strength is very small. If the operator exerts too much force, the grinding wheel will break or even hurt people. Positive operation problem: According to the operation rules, when grinding the workpiece with the grinder, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel. And should not operate on the front of the grinding wheel, so as to avoid the grinding wheel flying out or breaking and hurting people. Force operation problem: The flat body of any grinding wheel has a certain strength, which is likely to cause the grinding wheel to break, or even fly to hurt people, which is also a behavior that should prohibit. Common operation problem: in the actual daily operation, there is such a situation, someone to catch up with the production task, grab the working time, two people share a grinder operation at the same time. This is a serious violation of the rules and regulations, which should strictly prohibit. When a grinder is not enough to use, it can be used to add grinder solution, absolutely do not allow the use of a grinder at the same time.

Matters needing attention in the process of replacement

Wear problem: any grinding wheel has its certain wear requirements, wear to a certain extent must be replaced with a new grinding wheel. Can not in order to save materials, the use of excessive wear requirements, this is a very unsafe violation. Validity issue: the new grinding wheel from the warehouse may not be a qualified grinding wheel or even the new grinding wheel bought from the manufacturer may not be a qualified grinding wheel. If it is used beyond the expiry date, it may not be a qualified grinding wheel. The only qualified grinding wheel can use". Texture problem: in the process of use, if a crack is found in the part of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel should stop immediately and replace it with a new one. So as not to cause grinding wheel breakage and injury accident.

Other matters needing attention

Environmental problems: generally, the grinder machine room should set up for a special grinding wheel. And it is strictly forbidden to pile up inflammable and explosive articles in the grinding wheel machine room or near the grinder to avoid fire or explosion accidents. And other parts and articles should not place in the vicinity of the grinder. The management of the problem of the grinder should responsible for the special person. Who is not the unit personnel want to grind objects on the grinder, need to get the permission of the full-time person in charge. And strictly abide by the safe operation rules, no unauthorized use of the grinder without the consent of the person in charge. In addition, the replacement of the grinding wheel should also responsible for the person, prohibit others to replace, install the grinding wheel. Close the car problem: the operator should close the car immediately after stopping work. It is forbidden to idle the grinder when no one is using it or managing it. In addition, the use of the medium - wave turbine should be kept clean.
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