Safe Operating Procedures Of Semi-auto Drill Grinder
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Safe Operating Procedures Of Semi-auto Drill Grinder


With the increase in the number of high-precision, high-hardness mechanical parts, and the development of precision casting and precision forging processes, the performance, variety, and quality of various grinding machines are constantly improving and growing. Among them, the development and use of semi-automatic drill grinders are becoming more and more common. Demina is one of the best drill grinders. Although this grinder is widely used, users should pay attention to some safe operating procedures when using it.

Safe operating procedures of semi-auto drill grinder

1. The grinding wheel should be returned first, then should install the drill, and then angled. Put on the handle and then put it on the feed handle. It is strictly forbidden to drive the feed handle after driving. 2. After the drill bit rotates normally, the machine tool meshes well before grinding. The protective cover should be complete and normal before grinding. 3. The manual feed should be performed slowly, especially when the grinding wheel is just in contact with the drill. 4. After the drill is ground, the tool must be retracted and then stopped. After stopping, pull the clutch handle to remove the drill. 5. After the drill is loaded and unloaded, remove the wrench in time, and do not place it on the chuck. 6. When dressing the grinding wheel, put the feed handle in the neutral position, and then use the dresser after the grinding wheel rotates normally. The diamond should be clamped tightly, the feeding should be slow, wear protective glasses, avoid the head, the protective cover should be installed, and the suction device should be activated. Replacement of new wheels should follow the general safety regulations of the miller. 7. The workpiece should be properly placed to prevent injury from rolling down. Now Beijing Demina company Semi-auto tap grinder wholesale, welcome customers who need it to buy.
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