Production Characteristics Of 2-axis PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine
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Production Characteristics Of 2-axis PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine


Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD has developed the 2-axis PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine for high-precision machining. Which was launched in May this year.

Tool grinding machine development background

In 2014, the grinding machine products of PCD and PCBN tool grinding machines developed with the goal of “everyone can easily manufacture high-quality machine tools” have received wide acclaim from customers. In 2016, a small tool grinding machine was developed. And based on this, a 2-axis PCD & PCBN tool grinding machine capable of grinding large workpieces up to 4 m was developed this year. is a design change based on the original organic type. It uses a spacer that reduces the heat transfer of the cutting fluid and is equipped with the "TOYOPUC-Touch" system that meets the requirements of the IoT era. In addition, a hydraulic handwheel specification that can easily operate by a skilled worker is added to the product line.

Features OF 2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

First, stable grinding accuracy 1) Isolation barrier that blocks heat The air layer is left between the isolation baffle and the bed to prevent the heat transfer from the coolant to the bed, reducing the heat. 2) TOYODA STAT BEARING In the grinding wheel shaft part of the hearth of the grinding machine. A hybrid bearing "TOYODA STAT BEARING" with a combination of dynamic pressure and static pressure is used. Since there is no contact with the metal and the friction is small, the long life is self-evident. And the advantage is that the high rigidity and high attenuation structure can achieve a high-precision level of grinding. 3) High-precision feed mechanism In order to ensure long-term stable high-precision grinding, the JTEKT table feed mechanism that interrupts the influence of ball screw fluctuations is used. The advantage of not affecting the table by the bending of the ball screw increases the straightness and flatness of the machining. Second, humanization, easy operation 1) Equipped with the latest HMI system 2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine Standard HMI TOYOPUC-Touch system in the IoE era. Through the large-scale display, all the information is easier to view, and the flexible operation is realized by the operation mode that the smartphone feels. In addition, through the early warning of the service life of components. We support planned maintenance and support for production management and improvement through the display of actual performance and processing performance. 2) Improvement of processing efficiency of a single product No need for cumbersome conditional settings, an automatic determination can achieve with minimal input data. Third, the rich options unique to large workpiece grinding 1) Only by inputting the adjustment range of the spindle speed. The machining conditions can automatically determine and the quality of the machined surface can improve. 2) The addition of the R convex lateral grinding cycle required for the machining of workpieces such as rolls improves the productivity of similar workpieces. 3) For grinding heavy workpieces. It is equipped with a spindle table corresponding to 1,000kg and a tailstock. 4) By mounting the sensor on the rotary table for digital display, the current tilt position of the rotary table can confirm. And the change operation of different taper angles becomes easy. Fourth, add new PRO specifications in the GE6i series product line 1) Realize the operation feel of the hydraulic machine on the NC machine by using the handwheel. Skilled technicians on one piece of equipment can use the hydraulic hand wheel, and the less experienced workers can use the functions of the NC machine. 2) Front operation panel that can customize according to customer needs.The front panel's operator panel can be customized to meet customer needs. Fifth, 2-axis PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine Product specifications.  
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