Process Characteristics Of Diamond Tool Grinding
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Process Characteristics Of Diamond Tool Grinding


The grinding of diamond cutting tools has its own technological characteristics. The most prominent characteristic is that the material hardness is high, which leads to the rapid loss of the grinding wheel in the grinding process, and the size is not stable. Secondly, most diamond tools are turning tools or blades, and the position of the grinding position relative to the machine tool is uncertain (such as the change of blade thickness), which causes the change of grinding point. Third, the grinding resistance is large, so that the processing system composed of grinding wheel, cutting tool, fixture, and machine tool has a relatively large elastic deformation, thus producing a relatively large “let the cutter” phenomenon.

The three characteristics of diamond tool grinding are the realization of three “Land Rover” automatic grinding, which directly affects the dimensional accuracy of the tool after die cutting during the grinding work. The equipment used is that if this problem is not solved properly, it will inevitably lead to poor grinding dimensional accuracy and roughness consistency, reducing grinding efficiency, and not suitable for mass production. The application of voice control technology in diamond tool grinders can effectively solve these three problems.

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