Principles And Features Of APE-40 Drill Point Grinder
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Principles And Features Of APE-40 Drill Point Grinder


With the development of technology and the needs of the market, Demina introduced a high-yield APE-40 drill point grinder that can complete one bit grinding in the 20s. The grinding machine can manufacture high-speed steel drill bits with a diameter of 0.8-4mm on one machine, and independently complete slot grinding. Cylindrical back grinding and drill tip grinding of one drill bit, which greatly improves production efficiency and cost-effectiveness. produces a complete drill bit every 20s-25s, which is significantly different from the existing drill bits on the market. So far, the production of drill bits requires two or three separate machines, the investment required is large. And if the size of the drill hole is to be changed, it usually takes several hours and may result in scrapped goods, causing unnecessary waste. The APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder feature offers significant advantages in fast switching and reduced installation time, making small-batch production possible.

The principle of APE-40 drill point grinder

So far, manufacturers have no competition or product choices. APE-40 drill point grinder Manufacturers typically only use old machines and cam-controlled machines, and the wear and tear of older machines currently have little choice to upgrade or improve their capabilities. With extensive market knowledge and research and development capabilities, Demina provides customers with solutions and believes that the company can bring huge benefits to the industry through the new drill grinding machine. The APE-40 UP- sharpening machine will be completely controlled by 8-axis APE. It is based on the principle of a Swiss automatic lathe. It has multiple turret stations and can perform multiple operations at the same time. CNC system with ANCA MOTION, including AM5C driver, AMI5000 touchpad, commander, AMCore and drive reference.

Features OF APE-40 drill point grinder

1. The grinding machine is a PLC-controlled automatic drill-edge grinding machine with high-speed and powerful grinding for grinding of standard and some non-standard drill blade backs. Simple adjustment and high production efficiency. 2. The automatic grinding operating system, including automatic loading/unloading, automatic trimming, and automatic indexing. 3. The automatic feeding and feeding of the workpiece can be realized by the box feeding system. 4. The wheel dresser can complete the manual dressing of the end face of the grinding wheel and the automatic trimming of the outer edge of the grinding wheel. 5. Using the "straight line indexing" principle does not require a special clamping mechanism and indexing, simple structure, easy to operate. 6. Equipped with an automatic lubrication system can extend the life of the machine 7. The grinding area is completely closed, wet grinding can use to avoid burns on the workpiece, and can prevent the coolant splash.

The highlights of APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder

1. The shape and surface quality of the drill bit is excellent; 2. The adjustment time for batch production is fast, about 20min; 3. The machine setting is fast; 4. The grinding parameters can adjust during the grinding process to optimize the grinding quality.
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