PCD Forming Tool Processing
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PCD Forming Tool Processing


The improvement of tool performance is closely related to the progress of tool manufacturing technology. As advanced tool materials such as PCD become more popular in the marketplace, toolmakers will find faster, higher quality, and more cost-effective ways to manufacture these tools. The integration of other processes (such as EDM) with traditional grinding technology is a good example of how advanced technology can be used to meet the challenge of manufacturing super-hard tools.

Processing Of PCD Forming Tool

Cutting tooltip shapes from PCD and CBN composite chips is a time-consuming task, and automated processing minimizes the labor costs of the process. The shape of the cutting edge with PCD tip was customized by EDM and wire-cutting technology. The machine tool control system can program the size and shape of the tool by inputting the size value of the tooltip on the two-dimensional drawing. For specific machining tasks, whether the EDM can meet the tool surface finish requirements depends on the EDM generator parameter settings. Different parameters can correspond to different machine tools and operators.

Wire-cutting has an advantage over machining with a rotating electrode: it can produce tiny inner arc radii and other complex tool characteristics that EDG cannot process with a rotating electrode. However, on the other hand, EDG is different from other electrode wires. The rotating electrode made of the entire tungsten copper material is very hard and will not deform. This ensures a certain degree of processing consistency and a higher material removal rate. However, when the removal amount of the PCD blank is more than 0.3-0.4mm, the performance advantage of the rotating electrode will be reduced, and linear cutting becomes easy.


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