PCBN Tool Manufacturing Process
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PCBN Tool Manufacturing Process


The manufacturing process of PCBN tool

1.PCBN tool embryo synthesis PCBN composite sheet is directly in the high temperature and high-pressure CBN layer and cemented carbide substrate composite together. After cutting, welding technology into a variety of welding molding cutting tools or blades. Synthetic equipment used in foreign synthetic equipment for the two-sided top press, most of the domestic six-sided top press. 2. PCBN tool geometric parameters The service life of the PCBN tool is closely related to its geometric parameters. Chip removal ability and heat dissipation ability. The size of the front Angle directly affects the stress of the cutting edge and the internal stress of the blade. In order to avoid excessive tensile stress caused by mechanical impact on the tooltip, a negative front Angle (-5) is generally adopted.~ -10. At the same time, in order to reduce back Angle wear, the primary and secondary back Angle is 6., the radius of the tooltip is 0.4 -- 1.2mm, and the chamfering is ground and smooth. is a good precision equipment for grinding the PCBN tool. 3. PCBN tool inspection In addition to testing hardness index, mild bending resistance, tensile strength, and other physical properties. It is more necessary to use a high power electron microscope to check the surface of the PCBN tool and blade processing accuracy. Then there is dimensional inspection, precision inspection, M value, as well as geometric and positional tolerance, roughness, and then packaging and storage.

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