New Chapter Of Tool Grinders
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New Chapter Of Tool Grinders


Modern manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, and customers are increasingly pursuing high-quality products.As a result, difficult-to-process materials, such as special alloys are increasingly being used in a new modern products.For example, in many electronic products shell processing has been made from integrated alloy shell processing.This means that require for tooling manufacturers is getting higher and tool development will also have great changes. daojutu Cutting tool materials, shapes and coating technologies are changing rapidly.So core manufacturing equipment need not only conventional grinding processing capabilities but also pressure grinding and other capabilities;In addition, the flexibility of operation is also required to improve.As a company focusing on manufacturing tool grinding machines,DEMINA, our products are undoubtedly competitive in this respect.Because we've been working on tool grinders for more than a decade. denima logo The tool grinder designed by DEMINA has won a good market reputation in recent years.BT150-D, for example,made of overall casting, can meet the requirements of super hard material grinding and its grinding accuracy can reach micron grade.Once centering is finished, grinding will be done automatically, realizing constant pressure grinding and flexible feed.This design is extremely important for mini and complex tool.With the grinding software developed by our company , grinding parameters such as tool angle, arc size and feed speed can be set. 150 d d The future of China's cutter manufacturing must belong to enterprises using precision and automated production. DEMINA is a good choice whether in the processing of large diameter cutters or small cutters .It is believed that DEMINA will achieve better development with high-quality products and services in 2019.  
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