Grinding Work Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine
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Grinding Work Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine


As we all know, under the premise of the continuous development of the domestic economy, the development trend of the PCD tool grinders is going up all the way. Businesses have high requirements for modern metal cutting processing technology, and tool costs occupy a small part of the overall manufacturing costs. In order to better solve this kind of phenomenon, in addition to the cost of the PCD tool itself, the CNC mold business uses the tool reasonably to fully improve the production efficiency, shorten the processing time, and ultimately reduce the product cost.

PCD tool grinding machine is a machine tool that cuts the surface of a workpiece as a tool, collectively referred to as a grinding machine. Manual PCD tool grinder can process a variety of surfaces, such as internal and external cylindrical and conical surfaces, flat surfaces, gear tooth profiles, spiral surfaces, and various molding surfaces, etc. It can also sharpen tools and cut off, etc. The process range is very wide. Because the grinding process is easy to obtain high machining accuracy and good surface quality, the grinder is mainly used for the finishing of parts, especially the finishing of hardened steel parts and high-hardness special materials. Then the PCD tool grinding machine is in the tool grinding work. What work does the PCD tool need to do?

Grinding Work Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine

Clamping and adjustment of PCD tools
First, adjust the center of rotation of the cross table to coincide with the center of the optical projector. Then according to the requirements of the drawing, the PCD tool is adjusted to the reference line of the optical projector through the cross table, and this position is the sharpening position. In order to ensure the accuracy requirements of PCD tools, all sharpening dimensions should be completed in one clamping. If PCD tools are grinding, all wear must be removed.

Oscillation parameters of diamond grinding wheel
Since diamond grinding wheels are relatively expensive, in order to make full use of the efficiency of the grinding wheel and prevent the occurrence of groove marks, according to the size of the PCD tool, attention should be paid to the amplitude of its swing. By adjusting the swing amplitude and frequency of the grinding wheel swing frame of the sharpening machine tool, the grinding wheel and tool The degree of coincidence are greater than or equal to 1.

Minimum grinding allowance for PCD tools
Usually, in the process of tool making, the cost of sharpening is the highest, and the goal is to minimize the amount of removal. The minimum machining allowance depends on the depth of damage to the PCD caused by the cutting method and heating process. It consists of three parts: the first is the depth of damage to the surface layer by the cutting method; the second is the depth of damage to the internal tissue by the cutting method; the third is the influence of the heating method.

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