Development Trend And Application Prospect Of PCD Tools
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Development Trend And Application Prospect Of PCD Tools


At present, the gap between China’s cutting tool technology and foreign countries is mainly manifested in the research and development of high-performance cutting tool materials, cutting tool preparation technology and cutting tool use technology and other fields. For PCD tools, since foreign materials can be purchased, the key lies in the aspects of tool preparation technology and tool use technology. In the future, with the rapid development of China’s automobile and aerospace industries, the preparation technology and application technology of PCD tools will surely be valued and developed.

In the future, aluminum, manganese, and other light alloys, as well as titanium alloys, sintered alloys, and other high-strength alloys will be used more and more as materials for parts of automobile power systems. The number of diamond tools capable of processing these materials is expected to increase significantly. In addition, because PCD tools have high hardness, high heat resistance, long life, cutting edge sharpness and good thermal conductivity, can meet the requirements of auto parts processing for high speed, high efficiency, high precision, new materials, and new shapes, so PCD tools will be more and more widely used.

Beijing Demina PCD tool grinding machine can grind the PCD inserts with high quality. Users in the process of use, all the problems occurred, or other parts of the failure, just rely on maintenance personnel how to eliminate the fault and timely repair, so that early into use can be, this should also include correct use and daily maintenance work.

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