Development Countermeasures Of CBN Grinding Technology
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Development Countermeasures Of CBN Grinding Technology


Problems In CBN Grinding Machine

Although the use of CBN grinding machines is becoming more and more widespread, there are still some problems in the development of tool grinding machines. It is because I don’t know enough about the characteristics and development rules of the CBN grinding application. In terms of how to develop correctly, I act blindly. Many methods do not conform to its characteristics and laws, and subjectivity does not conform to the objective. Prominent manifestation is that there is a great contradiction between the social needs, technological level, and personnel quality and the development of the CBN grinding application itself.

In the direction of guidance and in actual work, the one-sided emphasis on the advanced and superiority of the 2-axis CBN grinding machine grinding application. While despising the completeness of various technical means necessary for CBN application. In some practical promotion applications, when conditions are not available in all aspects. It is impractical to promote the application of CBN grinding. Resulting in the use of CBN grinding wheels to achieve the expected results, reducing the enthusiasm and interest of the manufacturers for using CBN tool grinding machines. As a result, the development of CBN grinding applications is not satisfactory. The weakness of basic applied research has become an important factor restricting the development of CBN grinding applications.

Development Countermeasures Of CBN Grinding Technology

In work, everything is based on the actual situation, and effective and focused development of CBN grinding application policy is adopted. At this stage, our company’s CNC camshafts have fully selected CBN grinding technology. Demina produce the carbide tool insert grinding machine equipment is not only advanced in technology but also has very good grinding results. Users in need are welcome to visit and purchase.

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