Correct Selection Of Grinding Wheel
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Correct Selection Of Grinding Wheel


Cutting section cutting force in grinding, the unit about 1 x 105 ~ 2 x (105) N/was, it has dozens of times more than the limit strength of materials, has such a big cutting force. It is clearly not caused by the strength of the processed material resistance, but by the grinding process of cutting severe friction caused by the unreasonable to improve the cutting process, reduce the power consumption and to lower the temperature in the grinding zone is of great potential can be dug.

Is through the analysis of the grinding process, grinding wheel on each mill for grinding grain. Usually each abrasive cutting thickness (0.2 ~ 0.02) mu m range, curvature radius, and grits rho is 8 microns, commonly is much greater than the cutting thickness, is in most cases, the metal cutting layer will be squeezed, only not resection, this layer of metal is repeatedly squeezed through a lot of grits and fatigue spalling, so most of the friction in the cutting force. If the grinding grain is sharp, the friction will be greatly reduced, and the sharpness of the grinding grain depends on the hardness and strength of the grinding grain, so improving the hardness and strength of the abrasive is an important direction to improve the grinding condition of the grinding wheel.

When grinding hard alloy, the diamond abrasive wheel improves the grinding conditions due to its high hardness and strength of abrasive particles and sharp tip, thus reducing the grinding force and friction zone temperature. In addition, the friction coefficient between diamond and metal is extremely low in the absence of lubricating fluid, so no burns are generated.

At present, CBN grinding wheel is also widely used, its thermal stability is good, grinding temperature is low, and its hardness, strength is second only to diamond, grinding force is small, can grind a higher surface quality. In addition, the use of a certain elastic binder, such as rubber, resin, etc., can also improve the grinding conditions of the wheel. When the chip force increases for some reason, such a binder can make the grinding grain of the grinding wheel produce a certain degree of elastic concessions, so that the chip depth automatically decreases, to avoid burns.

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