Common Problems And Repair Methods Of CBN Tool Sharpening Machine
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Common Problems And Repair Methods Of CBN Tool Sharpening Machine


Maintenance adjustment of CBN tool sharpening machine

During the operation of the CBN tool sharpening machine, some problems will inevitably occur. What should I do? In fact, we must pay attention to the regular maintenance and adjustment of it. It can measure with the feeler gauge on the full length of the 5-axis CBN tool grinding. At this time, the vibrating flywheel moves the upper tool holder up and down several times, and gradually tightens the bolts, nuts, and adjustment edge gap values ​​to meet the requirements. Then re-adjust the other one without adjustment, initially adjusting the knife-edge of the automatic sharpener to zero. CBN tool grinding machine tool generally consists of an organic body, task table, electromagnetic table, grinding head, and electric appliance. The structure between the components is compact, the external configuration is reasonable, the grinding head is even. The configuration is accurate and the task obeys. High, long life and other characteristics, it is used in the processing of all kinds of straight edge tools. Moreover, when adjusting the sharpening machine, restart the distance and adjust it with a feeler gauge. For various thicknesses of the sheet material, the cutting edge gap is different.

Common problems and repair methods of CBN tool sharpening machine

Any machine has a lifespan. After the expiration of the use period, there will always be some faults. The 5-axis CBN tool grinding machine will also have such problems. For these small problems, once you find the cause of the malfunction, you can solve it yourself. 1. The sound is loud when the spindle rotates. The spindle sound is very loud, mostly due to the difference in the bearing position, or the screw that is holding the spindle is loose. When this problem is encountered, we should even replace the sharpener spindle or tighten the screws. 2. When the switch is turned on, the motor does not turn. When we encounter this problem, we must first check the circuit. If the switch is broken, we should replace the switch. If it is a line problem, we will repair the line. 3. After the boot, the belt will automatically slide down. The belt slips due to the loose belt. The distance between the two pulleys should adjust to tighten the belt. 4.CBN tool grinding machine the sharpened knife has a taper. When this problem occurs, we should adjust the scale on the cutter head so that the cutter head is perpendicular to the spindle.

CBN tool grinder determines the quality of the product

determines the quality, efficiency and development ability of the product to a large extent. With the miniaturization of parts and the improvement of precision requirements, the machining precision tolerance of some tool grinding machines is required. And the development of tool grinding machine industry is facing development. The bottleneck of China's tool grinding machine industry is becoming larger and larger, and the precision will higher and higher. China's tool grinding machine industry should further develop the multi-functional composite grinding machine, a set of multi-function tool grinding machine besides stamping and forming parts. The versatile CBN tool grinder produces no more batch parts, but batches of components. CBN tool grinding machines will also have rapid development of multi-color and multi-material plastic forming grinding machines. This kind of grinding machine shortens the production cycle of the products, and the grinding machine will develop and apply in different fields in the future. Grinding machines with hot runner technology can improve the productivity and quality of the parts, and can greatly save the raw materials of the parts. The domestic hot runner grinding machine of the grinding machine has also been produced. With the development of lightweight products such as vehicles and motors, the CBN tool sharpening machine will place increasing demands on the number, life, and complexity of die-casting molds. The CBN tool sharpening machine and the tool grinding machine that adapts to the high-pressure injection molding process will With it. The standardization of CBN tool grinding machine and the application of CBN tool grinding machine standard parts can greatly affect the manufacturing cycle of the CBN tool grinding machine. The proportion of medium pressure dies casting in CBN tool grinding machine industry will continue to increase, which can improve the quality of the CBN tool grinding machine and reduce the manufacturing cost of grinding machine. The prospect of economic CBN tool grinding machines is very broad.
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