BT-150J PCD & CBN Tool Grinders Is Easy To Be Operated Even If The Worker Has A Little Grinding Skills.
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BT-150J PCD & CBN Tool Grinders Is Easy To Be Operated Even If The Worker Has A Little Grinding Skills.


Development of tool grinding machines

The grinding performance characteristics of various tool grinding machines provide a good choice for tool manufacturers. Users can choose the right tool grinding machine according to their product processing characteristics and production scale. The continuous innovation of grinding tools and control functions of various tool grinding machines has promoted the continuous advancement of tool grinding technology. Providing a guarantee for complex blade structure design and geometric size control. However, the current threshold for the manufacture of cemented carbide tools has been continuously reduced. Which has promoted the continuous expansion of the tool manufacturing industry. Accelerated market competition in the tool industry. And also contributed to the continuous reduction in the production cost and sales price of precision carbide tools. As the cost-effectiveness of precision carbide tools will continue to replace the high-speed steel and carbide welding tools in the tool market. The market demand for precision carbide tools and their proportion of the market use of tools will continue to increase. While precision carbide the extensive use of tools will bring rapid progress and development to China's processing industry. And now tool grinders are widely used for mass production of ground PCD, PCBN and CVD inserts.

User requirements for tool grinding machines

As product competition continues to intensify, tool users have demanded tool manufacturers for stable tool performance, long life, low price, and fast delivery. Tool manufacturers have the following major tool grinding machines based on tool product structure and customer needs. Several requirements: 1. The machine tool is simple to operate and the tuning time is short. It can realize software online 3D simulation processing, reduce the technical requirements for operators. Thereby reducing labor costs and improving labor efficiency. 2. The product has high dimensional accuracy, high batch processing repeatability. And is suitable for large-scale high-precision automated production. 3. Freely programmable, used to develop complex non-standard shaped tools to meet the special needs of customers. 4. High grinding efficiency, short processing time per unit, reducing machine occupation time, reducing the production cost, shortening delivery time. Cheap equipment, low running cost, reducing the proportion of equipment in total tool production cost. Low failure rate to avoid unnecessary downtime and maintenance due to unnecessary.
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