Advantages And Maintenance Of PP-60N Drill Sharpener
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Advantages And Maintenance Of PP-60N Drill Sharpener


Features of PP-60N drill sharpener

1. The design of the grinding machine body is changed to the original loose frame structure as a steel plate closed welding structure. Greatly improve the strength of the body, increase and extend its service life. 2. For the collective after welding of the steel plate metal material, the full vibration aging treatment process is adopted, and the degree of natural deformation of the whole machine after the processing is obviously eliminated. 3. The transmission part changes the original belt drive to the rack drive, which overcomes the uneven landing speed, which ensures reliability and stability. 4. The original design of the grinding machine grinding head swinging angle of 30° is the swinging angle of more than 90°, which makes the upper and lower workpieces and the replacement grinding wheel more convenient and faster. 5. The automatic feed design is adopted when the grinding head is processed into the cutter, which improves the degree of automation. The manpower and time necessary for manual feeding are effectively saved, and the labor level of the operator is improved.

Advantage OF PP-60N drill sharpener

1. Demina PP-60N drill sharpener the dual-purpose sharpening machine is easy to operate, with high precision and economical cost. It can use in one machine, reducing the number of machines, convenient to use and low cost. 2. Portable design, easy to carry, indoor and outdoor can use; diamond wheel design, long wheel life, the sharp angle of sharpening; hidden cartridge design, easy to manage collet. high-efficiency AC Mareda, The frequency is stable and life is good. The Taiwanese master's diamond grinding wheel can complete all the processes with only one grinding wheel, with precise angle, long service life, cost-saving and improved user efficiency. 3. The sharpening machine can grind 2, 3, 4, 6 and other universal end mills can also use the tungsten rod to directly open the cutting edge. The sharpening machine can sharpen the cutting edge (front angle) of the drill bit. And has the apex angle (apex angle), the escape angle (back angle), the front cutting edge (positive front angle). The angle of adjustment and the center point size can controll at will. The center drills the chips more easily and makes drilling easier.

Use of PP-60N drill sharpener

although the name is a sharpening machine. Its use is not only purely sharpening. But also processing of small hardware (such as scraper, seesaw, woodworking planer, kitchen knife, etc.), scraping for paper machine plate, bending machine mold, plastic mechanical cutting edge, rake cutting edge, shearing machine cutting edge, harvester cutting edge and some small parts plane processing, etc., its electromagnetic chuck can design to be the angle adjustment can also make fixe, so its use is very wide. Some uses are recommended by the user. We can make various special specifications of grinding machine, grinding machine, etc. according to the user's requirements. Cutting machinery.

Maintenance OF PP-60N drill sharpener

PP-60N universal drill grinding machine after purchase, if there is no plan in the short term, it is necessary to do the regular anti-rust treatment. For moving components and exposed iron parts, regular anti-rust treatment is required. The actual weather conditions and temperature conditions should arrange in detail. For example, the treatment time in high temperature and humid areas can appropriately adjust to treat once every half month. In low temperature and dry areas, the maintenance time can extend as appropriate. In addition, the conventionally operated sharpening machine needs to check the running state regularly every month. For parts with hidden dangers, it is necessary to clean it in time. If dust or metal dust accumulates on the surface of the screw, it needs to cleane with kerosene in time, and then lubricated. Oil; ball screw components need to maintain their lubricating oil for a long time. If you do not pay attention to this maintenance protection, the product will list as an unguaranteed item due to rust or wear caused by poor maintenance for a long time. Demina has been engaged in the research and development of grinding machines for 49 years. We have a deep research on the maintenance methods and daily use of such products. If you need, you can call us for consultation, we will provide detailed answers for each customer.
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