4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Precautions When Machining Parts
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4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Precautions When Machining Parts


Outstanding features OF BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder

BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder is equipped with a tool magazine and can change tools. This is the main difference between it and CNC machine tools, CNC boring machines. And other machine tools. It can realize continuous, high-efficiency and high-precision machining of multi-surface. Multi-features and multi-station after one clamping, that is, process concentration. Use of BT-150D CNC tool grinder  high-speed machining center undertakes precise and complex multitasking machining. The high-speed machining center can use as a stand-alone machine or multiple machines under computer-aided control to form a flexible production line. It can also combine with industrial robots and stereo warehouses to form an unmanned chemical plant.

4-axis CNC tool grinder Precautions

1. When programming a small machining center, the machining part with asymmetrical tolerance should program with the intermediate value of the dimension. The starting point should select on the reference plane or reference point. 2. Since the workpiece has symmetry requirements, and the workpiece size is mostly given by the symmetrical size. The workpiece coordinate origin is set at the center of the upper surface of the workpiece during the toolset. 3. The choice of cutting amount should base on the blank material, tool material. Machine tool performance and other factors depending on the processing conditions while taking into account the surface quality. 4. 4-axis CNC tool grinder The machining center must use G40 and G49 commands to cancel the tool compensation before changing the tool and return the tool to the reference point to change the tool. After replacing the new tool, you must first establish the length compensation for the new item. 5. When installing the workpiece, the horn should avoid from the processing position of the through-hole.

Advantages of 4-axis CNC tool grinder

First. Small size: From the appearance point of view, the BT-150D CNC tool grinder center usually has a small overall size. It can handle by manual insertion and can transport to the factory floor elevator for transportation to the floor-floor workshop. The X-axis of the maximum stroke of the machine tool is generally not more than 700mm, and the Y-axis is not more than 400mm. It is very suitable for processing small parts such as automobile and motorcycle parts, valves, 3G industry, electronics industry, medical equipment and so on. Second, the efficiency is high: the moving speed of the machine tool is at least 48m/min, usually, 60m/min, and the fast-moving acceleration can reach more than 1G. The spindle speed is at least 10,000 rpm or more, typically 12,000 rpm. Especially in the speed of tapping, the CNC Drilling Center has especially improved this function. The speed of tapping can reach more than 3000 rpm and the maximum can reach 6000 rpm, which is many times faster than the ordinary vertical machining center. BT-150D CNC tool grinder the tool change speed is usually less than 1.2 seconds, the fastest can reach 0.6 seconds, saving half the tool change time than the vertical machining center. Third, environmental protection: CNC drilling and milling center is 2 times higher in processing efficiency than vertical machining center, the more efficient and environmentally friendly. The drill center has a small form factor and a 21% reduction in floor space compared to vertical machining centers. Energy consumption is reduced by 70% compared to vertical machining centers.
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