2-axis CBN Grinding Machine - Achieve High Performance Characteristics
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2-axis CBN Grinding Machine - Achieve High Performance Characteristics


Features of 2-axis CBN grinding machine

First, high speed and high precision 1) C-X simultaneous 2-axis controlled grinding The equipment achieves a reduction in idling and backlash through a lightweight grinding wheel table. A hydrostatic guide rail, and a highly responsive grinding wheel feed mechanism driven by a linear motor. Improve the accuracy and quality of the machined surface of the crankshaft. 2) High-efficiency grinding Through the adoption and optimization design of the direct-drive grinding wheel shaft. The "weight reduction" and "low center of gravity" on the grinding wheel table are realized. With such a design, the movement of the grinding wheel table is more responsive, and the machining cycle is shortened by improving the followability with the rotation of the spindle table. 3) Demina STAT BEARING As the grinding wheel shaft of the "heart" part of the grinding machine, we use the hybrid bearing "Demina STAT BEARING" with a combination of dynamic and static pressure. Because there is no metallic friction wheel shaft, it has a long service life. And high-precision grinding is realized by a structure with high rigidity and high attenuation performance. 4) Reduce processing defects with high-precision magnetic separator for high-precision grinding. The filtered cutting fluid can achieve cleanliness of 30 ppm, which also largely eliminates processing defects and equipment failure problems caused by cutting fluid impurities. Second, the improvement of production capacity 1) Shorter working hours With the standard accessory taper adjustment handwheel. The 2-axis CBN grinding machine makes it possible to make simple taper adjustments with a tool change time of approximately 1/10. 2) Increase in production capacity per unit area Space savings are achieved by means of compactness of the main device, the efficient configuration of the space, and the like. And because the processing cycle is shortened, the production capacity per unit area can increase by 2.3 times compared with the original model. 3) Save energy The grinding wheel bearing structure is further optimized for grinding resistance. And the power consumption of each shaft motor can reduce by 50% compared with the original model. 4) Automation correspondence The company can provide customers with a proposal for an automated system such as a robot transfer system in combination with the customer's production form. Third, peace of mind The standard is equipped with a new HMI in the IoE era. Through the large-scale operation interface, visualization, flexible operation, visualization of equipment status, etc.. Support the daily work of customers.

Advantages of 2-axis CBN grinding machine

Because of its wide range of applications, there are many features. Mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical inner and outer circular surfaces. It is suitable for processing single and small-batch parts such as machining workshop, tool workshop, and machine repair workshop. It can widely use in the grinding of fine parts in east and west factories, bearing factories, air compressor factories, and general machinery manufacturing plants. The domestic market needs strong grinding products, the output value is far from satisfactory, and the low-end is the main. In the process of operation, with an efficient control system and simple operation. Such grinders have useful and sophisticated skills, CNC grinding machines with high quality and high precision, low capital, and great operational economy. The surface grinding positioning accuracy and repeatability are high, and it is easy to ensure the consistency of the part size. As long as the process design and procedures are reasonable, correct, and meticulous. The accuracy of the required parts is guaranteed, and the quality control process is also facilitated. Different clamping and positioning methods are used depending on the material and shape of the workpiece. On the grinding machine, the machining process tends to concentrate. And it is very important to use the same benchmark. Facilitate the development and modification of new products. Grinding machines generally do not require a lot of complicated techniques and equipment. And can process complex shapes and high-precision parts through machining programs. When the product is modified, the design is changed, and the design tool is not required. As long as the program is changed. Therefore, the cylindrical grinding machine can greatly shorten the product development cycle and provide a quick way for the development of new products and product improvement. 2-axis CBN grinding machine In NC programming, all points, lines, dimensions, and positions are based on the origin of programming. Surface grinding is able to clamp on multiple processing surfaces again, usually only first tested. So you can save a lot of intermediate machining time in the middle of the machine, the machining quality of the cylindrical grinding machine parts is stable. Bringing convenience to the subsequent process, the comprehensive efficiency is remarkable to improve. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD is a professional tool grinding machine manufacturer. In the future, we will also be the leader in the grinding machine industry, providing customers with high value-added equipment with high precision, high productivity, and high reliability. Continue to contribute our strength to the world's manufacturing industry. Now we also export 2-axis CBN grinding machine, welcome everyone to come and buy.
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