150FE CNC Tool Grinding Machine Introduction
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150FE CNC Tool Grinding Machine Introduction


Numerical control tool grinder is more and more widely used in machine manufacturing. Because the workpiece that the tool grinder wants to process is generally the tool with a more complex shape, its material hardness is large, the precision request is very high, therefore, for the structure of the machine tool and the transmission system design, the processing automation degree and the processing stability put forward the very high request.

BT-150FE is a five-axis CNC tool grinder, such as grinding wheel moving shaft (X-axis), workpiece feed shaft (Y-axis), grinding wheel up and down moving shaft (Z-axis), rotating shaft (C axis) in the horizontal plane of the workpiece, and CNC indexing shaft (A axis) rotating around the tool axis. A workpiece feed shaft (Y shaft) is provided with a grating ruler, Closed-loop position feedback, Ensure micron grinding accuracy. The machine is suitable for grinding drill tip (back angle of the shovel and back angle of the face), Step drill, Endmill edge and side edge, the working cone of tap and reamer. It is also suitable for the manufacture of small diameter rotary tools and the production of non-standard alloy blades.

The machine tool bed (base) is with 1.8 tons of integral castings, can meet the requirements of any superhard material grinding. The software package equipped with a rotary tool and non-standard blade, special program can also be written at the customer’s request for the non-standard tool (workpiece) grinding. The whole machine is developed by our company. Welcome to send the cutting tools to use for grinding.

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